Workshops and Teaching

As well as my work as a Set and Costume Designer, I also regularly collaborate on community led work as a mentor and teacher. I have worked with companies like Northern Opera to run workshops for adults with dementia and their carers, Woven Nest for R&D days with young carers, and communities of women connecting for social change as a live artist.

I have also worked with British Youth Music Theatre for the past four years with Creative Trainees on their scheme, who work with me as assistant designers as I teach them fun and exciting ways

to develop their theatre design toolkits. Sharing the experience and knowledge I have picked up over time is something I really enjoy, and I’m always interested in running workshops and training sessions.

I also ran a class for the Society of British Theatre Designers on Digital Costume Design and Illustration, which we’re hoping to run again this year.

I regularly work with students at different drama schools to introduce them to assistant designing for plays and musicals.

I’m currently endeavouring to learn BSL to make my teaching practices more accessible.

Contact details for any teaching or workshop enquiries are [email protected]

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